30 Minute Review Video Course

Hey man! How great is this? 

You got the 30 Minute Review Reloaded system and let me tell you right now, you're gonna love it!

It's going to speed up your reviews no end, how about we amp it up a notch?

You see one of the key things in writing reviews fast, actually in writing anything fast, is structure.

In my early days of writing I used to stare at that blank screen…a lot!

Then I started looking into templates.

Templates for how I should outline my texts. I can't over-emphasize how much that helped me.

Now, you probably know this, but the biggest challenge when you set out to write anything is getting past that blank white screen of sheer absolute nothingness.

That's why I set up the 30 Minute Review system to overcome that. By following that simple system you will no longer have any blank screen troubles.

Everything you need to apply that is right there in the report you just got your keyboard dancing hands on!

However, sometimes you just need to see it in action. That's why I'm offering a video version of the system.

In the video version I show you exactly how it's done, leaving you with no doubts at all.


That isn't all.

Here's a quick Q for you. Do you really want a site where all the pages look the same? Where all the content is structured the exact same way?

Off course you don't.

That's why I'm giving you 3 review templates.

All you have to do is plug in your research and you have content that looks diffent, awesome and different.

Here are the templates you're getting.

  • Tried and tested (this is the default template you'll want to use for most reviews).
  • The versus template (people often need to decide between two different options, you're making their choice easier).
  • The top 5 template (everybody loves a good list, give your Azon site a bit of love).

With this extra material you're set to really dominate your niche. You now have all the tools to beat that blank screen of death (no, not the blue screen of death! That's something else).

Still, when putting this together for you I felt there was something missing. You know when you've got that awesome new course you want to apply and you have to browse through pages of information or try to find it in a video?

I hate that! It's the second worst way to waste time I can think of. (Waiting for the next bus because you missed the last one by 5 seconds in the pouring rain is worse!)

I didn't want to leave you like that. I'd hate myself for doing that to you. Here's what I did. It's simple really.

I put a cheat sheet together.

What's that?

It's a very short summary of the exact method outline in the 30 Minute Review system.

I will still recommend you watch the videos first, but after you've done that this handy PDF will ensure you never have to waste time searching for the piece of information you need.

If you get it and find it isn't for you after all there will be no hard feelings at all. I back up my words by offering a 30 day no Qs asked guarantee!

Garden Pack 30 Minute RR Video course



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