But I know I’m on a losing streak

As I pass down by your street

And if you wanna show, then just let me know

And I’ll sing in your ear again

Now the books don’t work

Those immortal lines were written by “The Verve.” Well, almost. I may have taken some creative liberties in regard to the actual lyrics. Not many though.

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Earlier today I read the best email I may have ever laid my eyes on.

If you get emails from Bill Platt you’ll have received it too.

And I’m not just praising it because he’s talking about my training.

Not denying I consider that a significant bonus, but that’s not the reason.

I talked to Bill and he said he didn’t do it on purpose, but the email he sent out showcased the point of “Nonfiction – A True Story” perfectly.

If you have received that email and haven’t read it yet, pause and go read it, then come back to read the rest of this email.

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You can consider this a tribute to one of the tiny pages that changed my life. At least my writing life. It is also, very much, a tribute to one of the most prolific writers ever. The man responsible for the vast majority of “Doc. Savage” novels published over a period of 16 years. In fact, of the 179 novels attributed under the name of Kenneth Robeson Dent wrote all but 20 of them. Some simple math will deduce that equates to just about 10 novels a year.Continue reading