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30 Minute Review Reloaded is a system that teaches customers how to write excellent Azon reviews at lightning pace. For Azon marketers this is a truly invaluable skill. The product is part of a sales funnel that consists of:

  • The 30 Minute Review Reloaded Affiliate report, and a bonus teaching customers to utilize their new skill to make extra money Ghostwriting. Price: $7-$13 dimesale. Rising: $0.05 every 3 sales. Commission: 75%.
  • 30 Minute Review Video Course, review templates and a cheat sheet. Price: $17-$27 dimesale. rising by $0.03 every sale. Commission: 50%
  • An offer to have 5 reviews custom written for them on any product(s) they wish. Price: $47. Commission: 10%

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Subject: Azon reviews in 17 mins? Really?


How much money have you made on Amazon this month?

I discovered that the more product reviews I do, the more money I make.

Simple, right? And it makes sense, too.

Because the more reviews you have, the bigger the chances that you find products that people are looking to buy.

If you only have one review out there, it’s hit and miss. Get 100 reviews up, and at least a few of those (of not many) will make you money.

(Quick solution here: YOUR AFFILIATE LINK)

Now, the problem is, of course, how you get 100 reviews up, without spending weeks researching and writing, or paying thousands of dollars for ghost writing, which may or may not be worth the investment.

Before you sink into depression here’s hope for you.

My friend Mike has come up with a simple, yet effective system which makes you churn out reviews in 17 minutes and less.

Weird number, yes, but I’ve timed myself, and yes, I’m literally spitting out reviews.

This is the system Mike is sharing => YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

This is not just a guide to writing superfast reviews. It’s also a very funny little report to read.

And it certainly makes it fast and fun to write reviews.

I got so inspired that I sat down to write five reviews right after reading this eBook, and although the first took a bit longer than 17 minutes (28 to be exact), I got the speed right already after the second review. This is awesome!

Can you imagine how many reviews you can have out there weekly?

Anyway, I’ll not take up more of your time. I just thought you should hear about this product while the price is still low. Mike is selling this as a dime-sale.


All the best,


P.S. Mike is offering a very strong 30 day refund guarantee. You have nothing to lose, and a lot of Amazon commissions to gain. So get your hands on “30 Minute Review Reloaded” as fast as possible. Click here to get instant download => YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

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