2 Hour Squeeze JV

Postponed due to Internet connectivity issues


Front End ($7 – $13 dime sale goes up $0.03 every 3 sales):

  • 2 Hour Squeeze Report
  • 1 HTML Squeeze page template
  • 1 WordPress Squeeze page template
  • 1 Sample Squeeze Report
  • 75% Commission
5 Day Workshop OTO ($47 – $53 dime sale goes up $0.9 every 2 sales):

  • Day 1: Picking a topic and do research for your squeeze report
  • Day 2: Writing your squeeze report
  • Day 3: Setting up your squeeze page
  • Day 4: Setting up a funnel for your squeeze page
  • Day 5: Driving traffic (paid and/or free)
  • 50% Commission


Downsell on OTO ($17 – $23 dime sale goes up $0.7 every 3 sales):

  • 5 WordPress Squeeze page templates
  • Video version of 2 hour squeeze course
  • Squeeze funnel setup guide
  • Gimp cover creation video guide
  • 25% Commission



I’m dying to know who does your fantastic graphics?

Oh, you’re making me blush. You won’t believe it but I did that myself. As long as it’s text with a drop-shadow and a slight gradient I’m your guy. Hit me up for my rates :-)

Can I get my bonus on the sales page?

Sign up, and hit me up at the reply address and we’ll talk. Chances are I’ll be more than happy to put your bonus in there. If we agree on adding your bonus to the sales page I’ll bump your commission by an additional 25% (to 75% and 50% respectively).

Are you half as cool as you sound?

That’s a tough one. I’ll have to go with way cooler. Depending on how cool you think I sound.

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