That Writing Buzz

By | August 27, 2013

Writing is great eh?

I suppose not everybody feels this way. So, allow me to share with you why I think writing is great.

Man has eternalized his words on paper, papyrus, rocks and many other media since he went bipedal. It is something that truly sets us apart from all the other creatures inhabiting this planet. Since we first saved our thoughts for eternity to behold in this way laws, poetry, history and millions of other things have been written.

The process of writing is quite unique isn’t it?

I mean, what other media allows you to reflect on your thoughts in the same way as writing does?

Some would argue that many other media does that. True, you could argue that a number of media allow this sort of reflection. However, I will argue they are all based on writing in some form or another.
It is this reflective and indeed meditative feeling that makes me love writing. It sounds weird, but there’s just something about the sound of my fingers tapping the keyboard that seems calming. You know what I mean?

Sure, there are great alternatives for those who don’t like to make their fingers dance. Software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking makes great alternatives to the act of writing. I too am training my dragon.

Sometimes, however, I just want to make my fingers dance. Soothe my soul so to speak.

Why do you like writing? Please share your reasons below in the comment section!

What do you like to write?


To be honest it doesn’t matter as much as you would expect. The truth is I can write passionately about anything. Actually, come to think of it, I don’t think I can remove passion from my writing, whatever the topic might be, the writing, as the act of therapy it is, allows my passion, anger and anxieties to slowly release their grip on my mind and body.

Imagine all the dosh such a simple thing can save you in money for therapists and the like.

On the off-chance you’re here because you don’t like writing and want to speed up the process when you have to write, I would like you to share why? I mean, why is it that you don’t like writing? Is it too time consuming? Does it feel like a chore? Do you not feel the buzz of the fingers dancing across the keyboard?

Please share your reasons below. Perhaps we can find a solution together.

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