Free Plot Idea – Never Gonna Leave You

By | August 29, 2013

This plot idea is yours to use as you see fit. I recommend you modify it to suit your own style and ideas. You can use it to write a short story, a novel or whatever else you may wish. Let me know in the comment section if it is something you like and want to see more of. And if you actually publish something based on this plot idea please let me know!

Who are the main characters?

Jamie Shaw is a young man very much in love with Amber Hansen. The two are a young couple who are just getting married.

What is the main point of the plot?

Jamie and Amber are young lovers. Jamie proposes to Amber who says yes. They get married and promise to never leave each other. They are poor and jobs are hard to find so Jamie enlists to go to Iraq to secure their future, but Annie feels betrayed. While Jamie fights in Iraq she is left to worry if he will return safely.

Where does the story take place?

A rural midwestern town and Iraq.

When does the story take place?

Around 2005.

Why is this happening?

America is at war in Iraq. A young couple with a lot of love, but little else are struggling to make ends meet. To secure their future the young man enlists.

What is the setting?

Contemporary America and war torn Iraq.

How does the story get resolved?

In the end the young solider returns to his love.

Main Characters

He: Jamie Shaw is a young man very much in love with Amber Hansen. They promise to be together always. That they will never leave each other.

They get married and are very happy together, but Jamie is torn apart by the fact he can’t provide a better life for him and his wife. Jobs are hard to get.

To secure their future he enlists. Not only will this give him a good salary for the time he is enlisted, there is also a good chance it could lead to a permanent position or a scholarship. From his point of view there is no other choice.

She: Amber Hansen agrees to marry Jamie Shaw and become Amber shaw. The two young lovers declare eternal love and promise they will never leave each other.

They are happy together. Even though funds are tight she couldn’t be happier than she is with Jamie.

She learns Jamie has enlisted and she feels betrayed. He claims to have done so to provide a better life for both of them, but all she ever wanted was to be with him.

She begs him to stay home, but he can’t

Additional Character Relations

Nicole Smith is Amber’s best friend from high school. She is the one Amber confides in when she is troubled. Will Nicole be able to console and support Amber through this ordeal. She certainly doesn’t hesitate to give Jamie a good telling off for leaving Amber alone.

Matthew Lee becomes Jamie’s best friend in the army. The two of them look out for each other and support each other. Matthew dies in a firefight in Iraq and Jamie is the one who has to return his letter to his wife.

Don’t Ever Leave

  • Jamie proposes to Amber in a meadow. They declare their undying love for each other and vow to never leave each others sides.
  • Jamie and Amber gets married.
  • Jamie is more and more frustrated by being unable to provide the lifestyle he feels Amber deserves.
  • Jamie enlists in the army to make some money and build a future for him and Amber.
  • Amber is furious that Jamie would enlist without consulting her. She begs him to stay home.
  • During training Jamie builds a bond with Matthew Lee. They are in similar situations.
  • Amber vents her frustrations to her good friend Nicole.
  • During his last leave before heading to Iraq Jamies goodbyes with Amber end in a huge fight.
  • Jamie arrives in Iraq and is shocked by the reality of the situation.
  • Jamie makes his first kill in Iraq. Everything is according to protocol, but it turns out he killed a 14 year old boy. He is shattered.
  • The first week Amber watches the news from Iraq with a hollow feeling in her stomach.
  • Amber has a massive breakdown after which she stops watching the news.
  • Amber receives an email from Jamie about the first few weeks in Iraq.
  • After a month in Iraq Jamie’s unit is under heavy fire. Matt saves Jamies life.
  • Matt and Jamie trade letters to their wives.
  • Nicole drags Amber out of her home for the first time in months. She takes her to a bar and amber manages to forget about Jamie being in Iraq for the first time since he left.
  • Amber gets a job at the local RadioShack. She turns out to be a good salesperson and she starts to feel like a normal person again.
  • Amber sends an email to Jamie about the new job and how much she loves and misses him and how she can’t wait for him to get back soon.
  • After reading Ambers letter Jamie is in a bouyant mood and writes an email to Amber detailing how he and Matt will be transferred to another unit to train locals in a weeks time. This should see him safely through the rest of his tour of duty.
  • The day before transferring to the training unit Jamie and Matts unit are on patrol in a small Iraqi town. This is supposed to be a simple patrol mission and the army has decided to let a news crew tag along to show the difference the troops are doing in Iraq.  The unit is ambushed by a far bigger and far better equipped force than expected in a town like this.
  • Some of the TV’s in the Radioshack where Amber works are tuned into the news channel. Suddenly, she can see Jamie on the screen. There’s a breaking news tagline and the unit is under heavy fire. There’s a huge explosion and a flash of light on the screen. Then they go back to a visibly stunned anchor man in the studio. Amber collapses in tears.
  • Nicole takes Amber home and stays with her. Amber is anxious for news. Then she notices the email from Jamie and desperately hopes this is a sign of life.
  • Unfortunately, it is the email Jamie sent the day before. At the final words “Love you forever” she collapses in tears.
  • A few hours later the doorbell rings. It’s an officer from Jamie’s unit. He tells her his situation is critical and that she needs to come with him. Nicole goes along to support her.
  • At the military facility she is briefed that two members of the unit made it out alive, but in critical condition. Matthew Lee and Jamie Shaw. Both were stabilized and flown back to US soil. They are now being treated by the best doctors in the US army at the facilities. Amber and Nicole are led to a waiting room where they see another young woman and two young children.
  • After waiting for many hours a two doctors emerge from the operation rooms with grave faces. They tell the other young woman that they were unable to save the life of her husband Matthew Lee. Her and her kids break down. Amber looks inquisitively at them. They tell her Jamie’s life still hangs in the balance.
  • Amber is horrified, but can’t help feeling relieved it wasn’t Jamie the bad news was about.
  • She has no words for Matthews wife. She doesn’t know how to console her. And she is still too concerned with Jamie to really care.
  • After another few hours one of the doctors from before returns to the waiting room and ask her to follow him.
  • He leads her to a bed where she sees Jamie for the first time in months. He is in bad shape, but alive and stabilized. She sits by his side through the night. When he wakes up in the morning she throws herself at him and makes him promise to stay home for good this time.
  • Two weeks later Jamie is well enough to go home. However, there is one thing he needs to do first. He needs to visit Matthew’s wife and give her the letter from Matthew. Amber goes with him refusing to leave his side.
  • At first there is nothing but resentment in Matthews wife’s eyes. Resentment that it wasn’t HER husband who made it back. Then Jamie tells her everything about their time in Iraq. How Matthew saved his life and how much he loved her. He reads Matthews letter to her and tells her to call if she ever needs anything.
  • They leave the Matthews house. Jamie holds amber tight and kisses her.

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